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Proposed trail corridor in Horseshoe Bay takes shape with park land donations


HORSESHOE BAY City leaders officially accepted four land donations Feb. 19 toward the development of a proposed park trail corridor in Horseshoe Bay.

The land donations allowed the launch of an initial phase of the trail corridor with a potential entry point just off FM 2147 West near the intersection of Sure Fire and Thanksgiving Mountain roads.

PHOTO: Horseshoe Bay City Council members on Feb. 19 accepted land donations for the development of the proposed Horseshoe Bay park trail corridor, just off FM 2147 West on Thanksgiving Mountain. Representative donors at the regular meeting were Sam Tarbet (left) of LBJ Corp., Mayor Bob Lambert, Eileen Hurd, Ron Mitchell of Horseshoe Bay Resort and Wayne Ratisseau of the Horseshoe Bay Property Owners Association. Staff photo by Connie Swinney

At least three access points would be developed for parking as well as entryways into areas for trails, picnic facilities, benches and other park amenities, officials said.

The land, resembling two seahorses standing head to tail, extends southwest from FM 2147 to the Mausoleum.

“The city is new to parks. Back when it was first developed, it was built as a resort. But once the city came to be, (parks) became a definite need,” said parks committee volunteer Michael Whidler. “Our main goal is to enhance quality-of-life issues.”

The donated land includes:

Two tracts of about 42 acres from Horseshoe Bay philanthropist Eileen Hurd at the heart of the proposed trail corridor project

About 12 acres from the Horseshoe Bay Property Owners Association, around the Mausoleum, south of the Hurd donated land

A swath of several acres from Horseshoe Bay Resort, outlining the west side of one of the Hurd donated tracts

More than 1.5 acres from LBJ Corp., the company that operates Horseshoe Bay Corp. real estate company, connecting a potential entry point just off FM 2147 on Thanksgiving Mountain Road.

“I thank everyone who helped,” Hurd said during the meeting. “It’s a dream come true.”

The trail corridor project is part of a Parks Master Plan, which involves researching potential funding resources and a youth conservation corps program as well as proposals for city support.

Community members launched an effort for park planning in 2012 after officials unveiled $100,000 in upgrades to Martin Park, adjacent to city hall. Upgrades included a renovated pavilion, a security fence, new playground equipment, benches and other amenities.

“A lot of grandparents bring their grandkids (to Martin Park),” Whidler said. “It’s a great place for group picnics.”

Other outdoor recreational areas considered for further development are the Horseshoe Bay Campground, which includes 30 sites, along Slick Rock Creek and adjacent to Texas 71; a proposed dog park; and a proposed sport court park at Fox Hollow Park in Horseshoe Bay South.
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