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Indian Hills Home Burglarized...

My brother in laws house in Indian Hills was vandalized 6 months ago. The perpetarators were never caught.
This time the individuals were much braver, climbed the fence (since the gate was locked) and went into the house and stole several items. They tossed his belongings all over the place not leaving any box or tub untouched. The wieght of some of the items taken indicate there is more then one person involved (especially since the fence was climbed over).
Llano County called both times and indicate that there is not much they can do. Gave him a report to fill out, said that when he takes it back in to them they will decided whether or not they will investigate.
I am not dogging on anyone but know when our garage was buglarized the Deputy that came out took down the report and gave us a case number before he ever left. This guy did not even give my brother in law his card with his name, had no name tag on.
My brother in law has been unemployed for a couple of years now because of helath issues. He worked hard for those belongings when he was able to....
VERY upsetting that this is not being taken seriously. Seems like this was a perfect chance to maybe get some fingerprints considering the extremes they went to in that house. I hope no one else become their victims because nothing was done.
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I feel like a broken record. Complaining here doesn't do any good. Call the Llano Sheriff's Office and ask to speak to a supervisor.
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