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Back To The Streets

After reading the council notes for the July 28th meeting page 44 of 125, I honestly couldn't believe what I read.
They had a "discussion" about widening PRR to 4 lanes?! Really?! The streets we have aren't maintained as it is, so lets just add to it? I guess I don't understand that logic.
Not only that, but they want a bond vote for road improvements? So, we have streets in total disrepair that we have to drive on every day rattling every bolt in our vehicles, we have no money to fix them without a bond, and we are discussing widening one of those streets we can't properly maintain?
What are they thinking?! Why on earth would we even be discussing a 4 lane road in the first place? I drive that road twice a week, 5 days a week and there is absolutely NO NEED to waste money on extra lanes at this time! The "Comprehensive Plan"? Is this "plan" ever going to come to fruition so a 4 lane road might be warranted, or is it still just a thought?
How about this plan, let's not waste money on a road we don't need until we KNOW the Comprehensive Plan is actually going to come about and that we will have traffic coming in droves down PRR to the "planned" community at the end of that road.
Come on Granite Shoals, what's going on here?!
Maybe I read it all wrong, I can only hope.
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Old 08-05-2015, 03:15 PM   #2
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Yes, you should believe such things.

Only 7.7% of the registered voters actually voted in the last elections so this is the type of thinking and actions we get for such lack of interest and personal attacks on opposition candidates. Here we go again with another large tax-payer debt like the "Taj Mahal" and the rock pile "park". If you really want to see where they are ( or not) going, just take a good read of the Comprehensive Plan, "Town Center"... Then review what they have NOT done toward that so-called goal. Not a single item toward economic developments. Factually, more than one council person stated that no one is concerned about economic development nor improvement for GS despite the U.S. Gov't. Census 2013 update stats that the average family income for GS is only $31,500 and is the lowest income of more than 10 surrounding cities / towns. However, the spending plans of GS gov't is more like their beloved Horseshoe Bay wanna-be goals. If they will continue to promote and spend money on their 131 acre rock garden, then it does not take much imagination to believe the other grand schemes and spending they have planned and will try to do.

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What you should also note is the fact that the city pays grant consultants to find grants and not a single one of those "found" are out of State, like Federal Grants.( I actually have the latest copy of their report in hand and so can you acquire). I provided a packet of information such as The Dept. of Commerce grants with contact names, addresses, grant processes, grant names, direct contacts to the Fed Grant personnel, their local office phone numbers and others that should/could be involved in the processes. This information should be used to pay for much or most of the costs of improving streets, especially arterial thoroughfares in GS. Alas, all of it, and I was ignored. It seems personal attacks and innuendos are much more important. One reason I resigned from the joke of the Streets and Water Committee and am involved in, certain other projects to benefit the families of GS the council apparently does not care about, based on their actions and proposals.

Months ago one of the council stated publicly that eventually a bond issue was going to be sought after to pay for PRR, Prairie Crk., and other street improvements. Nobody paid attention. Just wait for another tax increase and for a $2 million bond announcement that may be coming. Then again, they could just do what they have done before... issue more Certificates of Obligation. That has been the preferred method (cutting out voters) of creating the more than $12 million in debt of this small income challenged town has put on the backs of it's tax payers. ... But don't just take my word for it... I never ask people to just take my word for anything.

We must view with profound respect the infinite capacity of the human mind to resist the inroads of useful knowledge. - Thomas B. Lounsbury

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Old 08-26-2015, 01:48 PM   #4
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Has anyone noticed the rocks and preparation for oiling Prairie Creek Road? Why is this waste of materials and tax money being done if the entire road needs redoing as was discussed during more than one Streets and Water Committee meeting and even in City Council meetings? How the heck is sprinkling rocks and spraying oil on it going to help or resolve pertinent issues with that road? Are they going to do this to Phillips Ranch Road also?

I drive that road every day and now thinking more loose rocks and oil to hit my car and still have those **** potholes that are not going to be fixed by this waste of my tax money, time, and effort
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